1. SAJJAA has Concreted Its Root Being a Celebrity-Approved Jewelry Brand That Should Be On Radar!

Wedding Season 2022 may be over and 23 just started, but the festive season isn’t. We will be arriving right in the landscape of a series of big fat festivities like Indian Weddings, Durga Puja, Navratri, and Diwali. Well, festivals, TBH. This is the time when one-third of our contact list decides to get into a forever situation. And, we must have to attend half of these invites, if not all.

And undoubtedly this requires us to plan our wardrobe, in that case, we shall get an anxiety attack in 3…2...1… Wait! We do have a plan. The trick to ace an outfit is to accessorize it well. An outfit is surely an integral part of the process, but it’s not the complete package. We need statement earrings, anti-trend chokers to make everyone go ‘Wow!’. We’ve taken away some of everyone's stress by preparing the celebrity-acknowledged roster of fabric & wooden handicraft products curated by none other than Bollywood as well as Tollywood stars’ favorite brand ‘Sajjaa’.

By skipping on the monotonous metallic neckpieces and, instead, a lively and offbeat choker can be opted, a la Apoorva Arora, who pairs her ‘Rang’ choker by Sajjaa with blue traditional apparel. 

One of the most-watched Youtube sensations Janice Sequeira matched her ‘Jhilik’ earrings to add a vibrant tint to her daily attire. This is an inspiration for making a look out-of-the-box every day. Literally!

For ensembles that follow modern India briefly, introduce exhilarating pieces like the one sported by Darshana Banik. The Sajjaa piece ‘Amoda’ is a winning one for its easy-to-style quality and abstract shape.

A firm believer in practical dressing, Anmol Rodriguez brightens up her outfit with ‘Desi’ earrings from the haul of Sajjaa. Special shoutout to how she contrasts her elegant dress with a quirky yet elegant pair of earrings.

Anindita Bose’s white top is accompanied by supersized and one of the best selling products ‘Sikkaa’ by Sajjaa. Also, we are amazed to see how it perfectly fits into the festive scheme of things.

FYI, Sajjaa has also been chosen by eminent media personalities like Agnimitra Paul, Rachel White, Barkha Sethi, etc to create and provide jewelry pieces to add vogue and color to their looks. And we are more than happy to let everyone know that we lived up to their expectations! The only thing apart from the huge support of the customers, what keeps Sajjaa fueled to work hard is an appreciation from its star-studded panel of clients & admirers including Mimi Chakraborty, Jayaprada, Tina Datta, Trina Saha, Chitrangada Chakraborty, Lagnajita Chakraborty, Vriti Khanna, Debiparna Chakraborty, Aditi Shrestha, and many others. 

At an event called Rhapsody in 2020, one of the most celebrated artists in Bengali film industry, Samrat Mukherji was spellbound to see the products of Sajjaa and he ushered his appreciation and love on the brand too.

Bollywood Diva Sunny Leone also spotted in Sajjaa’s one of the most quirky pair of earrings in her film promotional events. 

Another Bollywood sensational Elli Abram spotted on India’s first embroidered nosepin collection by Sajjaa, recently in a magazine shoot. 

Apart from these, Sajjaa has been shown on various television shows like Bigg Boss, Indian Idol, Naagin 3 and lots more.Sajjaa has committed to look after the needs to channel fashion fanatics’ vibe through accessories that’ll never disappoint anyone. When in doubt, spectacular sartorial appearances can be simplified with electrifying products of Sajjaa that can also be categorized as avant-garde. 

2. My First Child! Sajjaa - A tale of Art, Love & Passion!

One sudden night, while scrolling Google, a beautiful design of an art accessory popped up and that's the beginning of a startup! I have never ever thought of making my passion into a profession. Just after Post Graduation, when I was about to relocate to Bangalore or Mumbai, I made the biggest decision of my life. Going against the family, and not accepting a huge salaried job, I had decided to give birth to my first child! At the age of 24, the decision was so impulsive and scary at that time! Not having any background of business I had decided to go with the flow. What I had with me was the skills of design, the immense love for art and passion for handicrafts. The designs which I used to make for my only, then I gave a better version of that to sell! 

The first investment was 750 INR in which the first batch of raw materials came and I have hired one employee! I was determined to launch the extreme new things which Kolkata people had not even thought of wearing by then! Painting on wooden pieces and accomplishing them with vibrant colour pom poms and tassels and charms- Sajjaa created the first introductory collection with only 5 earrings! The first collaboration happened with actor Agnijita Mukherjee and an outstanding photographer Deep Das! 

In the first days, people were like are these really accessories!! Like who will wear an auto or a taxi as a pair of earrings! Yes we are the first brand in India, who actually broke the myth and made something which was not usual.. Apart from that also we have designed earrings with regular coins! And people are like OMG! In the first five days, there were no orders. But what we received from the 6th day it's something crazy! I had to hire 2 more skilled karighars only to complete the order on time! We currently have about 12 collections which includes earrings, masks, headbands, popsockets, necklaces,waist belts, bookmarks, and keychains,headpins, bottles and home decor items as well.  

 We are a completely sustainable brand and all the products and raw materials we use are upcycled, reused and handmade. No chemical or animal products or even plastic are used. 

Today we have clients like Sunny Leone, Neha Kakkar, Bharti Singh, Anindita Bose, Saurav Das, Rachel White, Rashmi Desai, Devoleena Bhattacharya, Reem Sheikh, Daljeet Kaur, Darshana Banik, Chitrangada Singh, Agnimitra Paul, Rubina Dilaik, Lagnajita Chakrabarty, Deboshree Banerjee, Akansha Redhu, Roshni Bhatia, Sakshi Sindwani, Palak Sindwani, Trina Saha, Ridhima Pandit, Tinaa Dattaa,Arti Singh, Shefali Bagga, Bharti Singh, Harshita Gaur, Surbhi Jyoti and the list continues. 

We have connections with the Bollywood renown stylists who help us to grow and style the Bollywood beauties. We are on different retail websites like LBB, Once Upon a Trunk, The Better India, ETSY, Marqt, World Art Community, Quirky Accent, HYPD, Amazon.com.

Now, we have clients based over 4000 worldwide and a followers of more or less 20000. I wish, the first child grows brighter day by day and I will make the dream fulfilled as one of the best sustainable accessories brands in India. 

3. Digital Makeover on Indian Rich Contemporary Art Fashion

India has been one of the major producer and supplier of art and handicrafts products in the world for a very long time. Before industrial development, this art industry was a potential economic advantage for the country. It is highly potential and has a lot of opportunities which are still to be explored. In this genre Art fashion aims to develop marketing strategies to promote businesses in rural areas using social networking websites. This will help the entrepreneurs promote their products through sites like Facebook, Instagram,Google Business,LinkedIn and Twitter, by connecting them to the appropriate audience.

The government is also pushing to bring digitisation and online presence to India’s arts fashion industry, Google has now launched a new feature in the Google Arts and Culture app that showcases the traditions and work that goes behind the scene in this segment.

Besides Google, ecommerce giants Amazon and Flipkart have also recently turned their attention to the untapped rural handloom and handicrafts market. While Amazon announced the launch of Amazon Karigar, a store to feature a wide range of authentic arts and crafts from Indian artisans, Walmart-owned Flipkart with the aim to bring India’s artisans, weavers, and handicrafts producers onto ecommerce.

Amazon Karigar showcases over 55K products, including more than 270 unique arts and crafts from 20 states. It will exclusively promote handlooms and handicrafts from across the country. The company said that through this launch it wants to empower local sellers and small and medium businesses (SMB’s) by helping them sell their products on the platform. Apart from Amazon there are several websites like Myntra, Craftsvilla, LBB, Once Upon A Trunk, Scroopwhoop,The Better India and so many others are working and promoting sustainable art fashion and creating a separate base for that.

India is very lucky in the sense that almost every region is identified by its ethnic art thus providing a rich diversity of crafts. From the beautiful Jaipur handicrafts to the mesmerizing Meenakari jewellery, the Tanjore and Madhubani paintings, Dokra, Terracotta, Bandhani, Leheriya, Onx… (the list is almost endless), each one of them displays craftsmanship that take months or even years of mastery. Apart from these traditional art molds in India, authenticated handcrafted fashion is flying high in the sky. Before 3-4 years handwoven pompoms, mirror crafts, saree painting, handcrafted accessories were trying to introduce themselves in the market and people welcomed them with open arms. Quirky fashion, playing with the vibrant colors, a special touch not only in India, USA, Philippines, South Africa, Australia, Singapore, Milan, Paris, Dubai people love this kind of art. Lifestyle and Fashion brand Chumbak started their journey and today their yearly revenue is 70Cr. 

Handicraft and sustainable fashion also helps to empower the rural artists in India. Nowadays fast fashion brands are rising like mushrooms and for that reason slow fashion or handcrafted fashion has not been able to be in the race in these years due to lack of investment and structure. But in these 4-5 years these slow fashion brands are blooming beautifully and nowadays people are aware of using sustainable products. The fusion of wearing art is becoming the new trend in India. Whether from the dress to a statement art accessory;from a bollywood celebrity to a regular girl is actually enjoying this trend. And in the upcoming era of slow fashion, art fashion will actually stake the market, as per research says. Looking at the importance of slow fashion and art fashion, in the pandemic situation of 2020 a campaign on social media “Vocal for Local” was a great success. 

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram are some of the ground-breaking platforms through which these slow fashion and art fashion businesses reach the heights of success, using the proper manner.Skillful usage of internet as a resource can take the Indian Handicraft Industry to new heights. Well organized, planned and usage of resources can turn the industry to a high gainer in the race of revenue.

4. Not So Coy In A Kasta Saree

By 84 Bongully

What real women do! - In collaboration with Sajjaa This series would showcase us donning exclusive, designer wooden earrings by 'Sajjaa' - a unique contemporary venture by the very young and industrious, 'real woman' of Calcutta: Shreyasi Mitra. Shreyasi's 'Sajjaa' is an exclusive jewellery label for every other real woman like us which brings us the most enticing designs without burning a hole in our pockets. Leaving what could have been an impending glistening future in Mass Communication, Shreyasi's innate passion and love for designing made her take the leap of faith. She still reminisces about the day she ended up in the market to buy raw materials, with the mere pocket money at her disposal! Shreyasii's story behind creating Sajjaa is engaging and most importantly inspiring, for we personally feel the hustle of sketching a future from scratch. We naturally agreed to Shreyasi's proposition of collaborating with us because 84Bongully acknowledges and congratulates the hustle of every other millennial woman like Shreyasi, who dared to create their own future; who blindly took the ethereal leap, only to soar high! So lovelies go visit Sajjaa and treat yourselves with some alluring designer jewellery, made with a lot of love and with utmost care of not burning holes in your pockets!

5. Let Your Accessories Do The Talking

By My Little Corner

Hello! How's life treating you? Good? Bad? Whatever it is, I have something really quirky for you today that will just brighten up everything ????

One thing that I love about fashion is that anyone and everyone can express their thoughts and emotions through it. 

One fine afternoon , while scrolling through my Instagram feed , I came across this really cool jewellery page called "Sajjaa". I spent hours appreciating the quirkiness of the accessories and ended up buying a pair of earrings...

I had a shoot planned but for some reason , never got done with it. However, while sorting my wardrobe , I found the pair after months and I just had to shoot a couple of pictures! I mean , the sky too has been so beautiful in Kolkata, these days, that it's like a signal from God himself ..????????????

Thank God for tripods and black outfits, styling and shooting this for a quick post was EASY!

I wore a black ribbed dress (which fits like a glove and is super comfortable) and the earrings that I bought from Sajjaa by Shreyasi . Trust me on this, the best way to style a statement accessory is to keep everything else minimal and let the accessory to the TALKING ????

For makeup, I kept the base very light and dewy and added warm-toned eyeshadow, black kohl and loads of mascara to the eyes. For lips too, I wore a satin finish lip-colour because I wanted to make the whole thing look super effortless.

One of the best things about this particular accessory brand is the price range. Quirky things are not daily-wear items for most of us, right? So, spending a fortune feels very obnoxious . But this brand kept the pricing of their products in the affordable category and they also have a variety to choose from.

And if you are wondering why Nakhrewali? Then I'd say, why not? We all have our own "nakhrewali" moments. Just that some of us (including myself) have that moment , ALL THE TIME!????

So, fashion-lovers, what are you gonna buy from Sajjaa? Check them out and let me know your thoughts on the rising trend of quirky handmade accessories. 

Until next time, 

Take care ❤️

6. These Lightweight Statement Earrings Will Add Drama To Your Wardrobe

By Fatema Posted on LBB

Earrings are the easiest way to make a statement with jewellery. Nothing like a bright, quirky and oversized pair of earrings to add drama, flair and interest to your OOTD. But if you’re worried about weighing down your earlobes with big earrings, don’t! We have put together a list of dramatic pairs that make a big and bold statement without stretching your ear lobes.

Add a little Bollywood magic to your accessory game with Sajjaa’s oversized earrings. All about drama, dazzle and whimsical fun, these earrings will up your quirk quotient a great deal. Remember the iconic ‘ek chutki sindoor ki keemat’? Well, indulge in a little dialogue-baazi everytime you wear Sajjaa’s Sindoor Bottle Embroidered Ghungroo Earrings.

7. Recreate The Classic Denim On Denim Look In 2022 With These Pieces

By Nayantara, Posted on LBB

Denim on denim. That classic look that's all set to make a comeback. And if you love all things denim then check out this list. It will have you sorted from top to toe.

"Dharama Karma" Embroidered Denim Blue Oversized Earrings

All eyes are sure to be on you with these oversize statement earrings from Sajjaa. This one's for all of you who like to go bold with your accessories.

8. Shell Jewellery Picks You Need For Your Beach Look!

By Aishwarya posted on LBB

We've been dreaming about hitting the beach for the last few months and seeing shell jewellery trend during these months is making us want to be at the beach even more. If you've been looking for some jewellery to blend in with the sand, ocean and sunlight, here is a list of shell jewellery you can flaunt while you're vibing by the ocean. Let's get reading, shall we?  

Shell & Embroidery Detail Blue Choker

This piece right here is most definitely (in our opinion) a neck candy. There isn't a better place than the beachside to flaunt this detailed shell chocker by Sajjaa. This Kolkata-based brand's jewellery collection consists of a lot of fun, oversized and colourful jewellery and we absolutely dig it. We especially love the colours on this shell choker and of course, the hand embroidery is our go-to favourite. You can wear this with your cute bikini top to really let the choker do the talking. 

9. #Exclusive: These GORGEOUS Indie Brands Are Available Only On LBB

By Mahima posted on LBB

At LBB, we're ALWAYS looking out for AWESOME homegrown brands with products that you can incorporate into your wardrobe. We've picked out some exclusive brands that are available ONLY on LBB. So get your carts ready, it's time to shop! 

Sajjaa does beautifully customised jewellery but in their arsenal of charms, it is the whacky, outsized pieces that caught our eye. Autorickshaws, elephants, painted horses, they make designs for your lobes that you wouldn't generally think of wearing. And they make it look beautiful. 

The exuberant, candy-colored animals will get you admiring double-takes, we assure you. 

10. Score Insta-Worthy Fashion Jewellery Under INR 500 From These Kickass Brands

By Sneha posted on LBB

Move on from heavy and chunky jewellery and check out these city-based brands to score trendy (perfect to flash on Instagram and Snapchat) ones under INR 500. Oh yes, they are that affordable!

Sajjaa does quirky customised jewellery that will amp-up your social media game. If you're into experimenting with fashion, check these whacky, outsized earrings, pendants and necklaces in off-beat designs of auto-rickshaw, elephants, painted horses and even coin studded ones. You can get most of their collection at INR 500.

11. What Buri Nazar? Now Slay & Protect Yourself With These Cool Evil-Eye Products!

By Oindrilla posted on LBB

The year before this one was nothing less than a buri nazar (if you believe in the concept) But it is 2021 and the evil-eye fashion has made a glitzy comeback. To be honest, there's nothing not to love when you have brands outdoing themselves with their creativity and coming up with quirky evil-eye products. So, let's ward off last year's curse in style. From bracelets to bags, there’s a bunch of evil eye statement pieces. Check out our picks here!

If you're into junky pretty jewellery that makes a statement, get yourself this evil eye earring from Sajjaa. It's got 'Peace' embroidered on it and a little silver coin with ghungroos. So up your earring game with this one! 

12. Sajjaa's Handmade Baubles!

By Tamanna Posted on LBB

What Makes It Awesome?

Sajjaa is an Instagram store. An indie homegrown brand started by Shreyasi, from Kolkata, who dared to dream out of the box, in terms of innovation and exclusive handcrafted products.

If you like statement earrings and quirky chokers then the super trendy collection from Sajjaa is a must for every boho girl's wardrobe.

In addition to their beautiful accessory collection, they do also have fabric keychains and bookmarks. You can contact her over Instagram dm.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹500 - ₹1,000

13. Giant Autorickshaws & Elephants: Sajjaa Is Upping Our Earring Game

By Vasudha posted on LBB


Can't get enough of those beautiful long earrings? But bored of the same silver, gold, and metals? Head to Sajjaa to upgrade your earring wardrobe. 

What Makes It Awesome

Sajjaa does beautifully customised jewellery but in their arsenal of charms, it is the whacky, outsized pieces that caught our eye. Autorickshaws, elephants, painted horses, they make designs for your lobes that you wouldn't generally think of wearing. And they make it look beautiful. 

The exuberant, candy-coloured animals will get you admiring double-takes, we assure you. 

Add several pairs to your jewellery box, or pick up some as gifts for your BFF or sibling. For around INR 500, these are a steal and will elevate an ordinary jeans-and-tee outfit or even a saree. Just try them out - when in doubt, just supersize! 


Sajjaa has a lot more than just earrings. They do neck and ear pieces in boho-chic, Afghani and other styles. Check out their shoulder-dusters to accessories bare shoulders! 

14. Add Earrings From This Brand Famous Among Bollywood and Tollywood Celebrities To Your Trinket Box!

By Neellohit posted on LBB

What Makes It Awesome

Well if you haven't bought jewellery from Sajjaa yet, we suggest you do it now! A Kolkata-based online shopping site, it is loved by regular customers and celebrities alike. The brand certainly has made its mark with a clientele worth bragging about. Sajjaa is popular for their oversized earrings, the craziest one being the autorickshaw one! 

Love chokers? Sajjaa has you covered. Instead of those heavy metallic ones, try their printed offbeat choker tried by TV star Apoorva Arora. Also, check out their Mugdha collection which is a large abstract shaped earring and has been sported by actor Darshana Banik. Bengali actor Anindita Bose couldn't help but try their Sikkaa collection, which has coins embedded on the earrings. A star-studded list of customers including Rachel White, Mimi Chakraborty, Jayaprada, Tina Datta, Trina Saha, Chitrangada Chakraborty, Lagnajita Chakraborty have heaped praises on Sajjaa's collection.

That's not all, Sajjaa has introduced its SaajDa collection, which is their fabric Bollywood line named after popular Hindi songs, along with newly designed wooden earrings. You can also get your hands on key chains, bookmarks, fridge magnets and pop sockets from this collection. Who knew when you would be singing these songs, you will be thinking about earrings! Some of the unique ones include aankh marey (embroidered earrings embedded with mirrors) for INR 830, chikni chameli (these are made with figures of fish!) for INR 720 and bhumbro (consisting sea shells) for INR 1,130. Shop quirky pop sockets for as low as INR 80 and animal shaped bookmarks for INR 160.

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